Posted March 7th, 2010 by Chris Gurney

PresentationCamp Toronto has a new home, at

Want to go? It’s free!

Visit the site »

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2 Responses to “”

  1. Brian Anderson Says:

    Very nice presentation Chris, clean layout. I’m learning some things from your style here. Those things on your lawn … attempting to protect some new shrubbery? Grow op? When’s the party? And what’s with the chicken? Are you 2 an act? I went to an organic farm last July and the background scenery reminds me of that day. No talking chickens, though….

    But seriously, Bridge Builder, obsessed content writer that I am, I thought of some new wording. Instead of “Want your free ticket?,” how about: “Want to go? (Just for you,) it’s free.
    Click here.
    (Bracketed words are an option)

    I would make the date on that ticket (and some of the important wording) just a little larger (’cause right now, it’s an eye test) and maybe add in ‘Tuesday.’

    Why, why, why? Because it increases the click-likeliness.

    Finally, to answer the “why should I?” question, insert some motivating & explanatory text such as: “Enhance your presentation savvy, learn new techniques, help others become better, demonstrate your expertise, etc. etc.” These are rough examples but in leaving this kind of stuff out, you make assumptions that everyone will show up and click ’cause they dig you and the chicken. What if those folks are vegetarians, meat eater haters and general agitators?

    Anyway, best wishes….. feelin’ strange now, feel a sudden urge for some ‘wings ….. gotta go….

    Good work Chris!

  2. Chris Gurney Says:

    Brian, thanks for the feedback! And thanks for dropping by!

    I’d like to check out an organic farm, actually. Was it in Ontario? Is it open to tours? FYI, I’m actually a vegetarian. :)

    I’ve incorporated most of what you’ve suggested. I’m expecting my click-through rates to double now.